Brochure stands

Our aesthetically pleasing and attractive brochure stands, wall-mounted leaflet holders, and leaflet dispensers

Brochure stand: Xello

  • Aluminium construction with silver-coloured metal base
  • Acrylic A4-sized storage shelf for catalogues + papers
  • Optional sign arm, height: 1800 mm, depth: 300 mm

Prospektständer Xello

Brochure stand: Konform

  • Aluminium construction with a silver-coloured solid base plate
  • acrylic A4-sized storage shelfs
  • Information plate NEWS
Prospektständer Konform

Wall mounted prospect presenter: Paki

  • Aluminium construction, silver
  • Acrylic A4-sized storage shelfs

optional with Information and Memo board 

Wandprospekthalter Paki

Prospect presenter: Meta

  • Aluminium construction with a silver-coloured solid base plate
  • Acrylic A4-sized storage shelf
Projektpräsenter Meta